Drawing Time

I sit and wait for time to draw
    Me to the time my vow must break.
Till I am not expected anymore
    To laugh, nor love, nor wake.

Did You Know Him?

I made a mistake.

In this life I find
No one equal to my kind,
No one who lives by my ideals,
No one to whom I can reveal
That I have made a bad mistake.

I could leave this world, if only.
I am tired, numb and lonely.

Open Up Your Face and Smile

Mascara caked on thick
As lipstick.
You can’t blink.
Eye liner draws your eyes closed.

Rouge on foundation on exfoliated skin—
A painting.
Can’t see in.
You’d look better in a smile.

She Keeps Him In Her Pocket

Where do you keep a boy so gentle,
He might break up and float away?
Somewhere safe away from the starlight.
Somewhere out of harm’s way.

Where do you keep a girl so afraid,
Her heart might collapse any day?
Keep her distracted with trivial things
And always having her way.

Take him, take her, in your pocket,
Lock it and throw the key away.

The Source of All Sadness

The source of all sadness distantly beats.
Waves of sadness plow through the streets,
Massive and bearing down on their mark,
Tearing through bus stop and building and park.

Under pressure of enormity,
Time grows long and my identity,
Erodes in the minds of the ones I recall,
Leaving me tender and sobbing and small.

Standing in market or courtyard or park,
Slowly relieved so slowly I start.
The source of all sadness has ungripped my heart.

On Trial

Cows in the corner curled up like a turd,
Piss and shit and vomit he is.
Clutches at limbs, this way and that,
Hairy and greasey and selfish and fat.

Leaves burning marks and searing pains,
Where ever he clutches her.
Locks all the doors and kills her, as good,
By loving her utterly, as he should.

After a Time

Past this window, traffic coming,
Sun lit dirty pane, computer humming.
It will all be here after I die.

See these people, busy working,
Talking, walking and conversing.
They will forget me after I die.

Dust motes settle on the floor,
Curtains move gently beside the door.

When I leave it the world will cry,
But the ripples I cause will settle and die,
And loved ones I know will somehow get by.