Bitchy Resting Face

Paulina’s Question: Why do civilisations rise and die? Word: Bitchy Resting Face

Hot oily Egyptians Got frisky with Christians— Cleo’s dance card was full. But she turned around And sadly found That her temples and libraries were burned to the ground.

Catherine the Great Left things in a state That nobody thought could be better. But her empire got sick With Archdukes, Bolsheviks, And BAM, became a soviet socialist republic.

Tzu-hsi’s dynasty Was in dire need Of a great number of modern reforms. Her people revolted, White men got assaulted, Then a lotta white armies showed up and she bolted.

See, in each of these cases, It wasn’t the traces Of bitchiness in their ruler’s faces. The reasons were strange, And the rulers got blamed. The only thing that’s constant is change.