City Limits

Walk in the forest, come back, use one of these prompts: Green / black, the voice of the tree, banksia / bracken / bark, I walked into the forest…

– Harry and Nicola

Fresh air and gums, green and black
Land becomes heart becomes land
That’s how it works, I understand

But darling, know
If I ever lived here
I’m doubtful I’d make it a year

The wind is the thing
That would get me I fear

It roars in the night
And without you I might
Come unhitched
Come untethered
Come unmoored

In the morning I’d be no more
Just a stained coffee cup and an open door

I know my limits
They’re the same as the city’s
It’s not the buildings or the roads
But the people in it

The people
The people
The people are home

But out here living on my own?
One heart is only so tough
And sometimes one heart is not strong enough