Despondency globe suture wire vista work kangaroo paw dogpoo mull tattoo wombat harissa cloud sun rum window scintillating duckling crow atheist stove cabaret Two words from each person present

The waiting room stinks Of despondency A dim globe Silent nod I go in While outside you Will nurse your pain Until again A nurse emerges To nod at you wordless

Get up Walk in Disinfectants Large gauge Syringes Sharps bin For sutures, sit Flesh pinched Wire’s in And out Of my skin I wince and look At a dreary vista While he works Faded landscape On the wall Roo-paw Looks like a sepia dog poo

Mull to myself what this will do To my tattoo Of her name All the same Never mind She left me for half the street She’s got Momentum Like a wombat in heat

So, close my eyes Savour past flights Lunch, harissa No, losing it Overpowered by dust From carpet with walked in Channels Cloudy stains Faded By an absent sun In the cabinet Iodine and rum

No window No scintillating word To lift the poor sods’ spirits Poor drab ducklings Perched outside in a row Like crows Outside this church For the atheist With its Pad of salvation scripts

He’s done I’m stitched I’m cooked Slide me off the stove Let me out Past naked legs and arms My armour At the door Get away Let me out wake me up From this bleak Cabaret