Mod Podge

Further: Should I apply for that job? Owly: Mod podge

LinkedIn is for chumps, I found a way To make an impression that can’t be beat. I guarantee you, on the day, You’ll land that job, now take a seat.

Listen to my simple plan. You’re lucky to hear it for free. I should be charging at least five bucks. Okay maybe two bucks fifty.

Get mod podge and draw a prawn, Or a claw shrimp at least, Upon your curriculum vitae. Or maybe some other majestic beast.

Now a common problem at this point: It’s hard to see the white on white. Ah but wet on dry stands out, If you tilt it under a light!

Quickly take a handful of glitter, And apply it liberally. Tap the excess into a bin. Behold! What do you see?

Not one cold hearted sariman With a face like hardened plaster Could not respect a glitterprawn. You are the glitterprawn master.