Move On

After a walk in nature

Join the escalator rush Human smells, a fluoro crush Trolleys filled with plastic shit Get shitted out near the car park lift

Kids beg ice cream, beg play dates One parent capitulates Move on people, move along Moving on, I move right on

Giant hair and teeth stare down at me, man, colossal, risks collapse

Back lit slender hips and skin, bikini clad wall, shivering

Gold rings gold things, pinstripe man, gold tooth grin, golden hand

Donuts donuts donuts, jam, beef and chicken, cheese and ham

Moving on, I move along Moving’s good I move

Slip round a bend Exhale Respite From SALE SALE SALE

What looks like books A refuge, I take it I wander isles of ink on crisp paper Pencils, pens and tiny staplers Breathe normally The stale stationery air I decide I’ll stay Resolutely there