Bran’s word: Sasquatch

Maggie’s question: How’s your loony bun?

“Left bottom cheek, you know, you reek, have you even bathed this week?”
“Rawr, me Sasquatch, eat little men! In my belly AT LEAST TEN!”
“Oh cheeky left buttock, you’ve quite the funk, did you realise you’re covered in spunk?”
“Rawr, me Sasquatch, sit on dicks, crush them up to LITTLE BITS!”
“Other half, did you have a fall? Dicks aren’t full of spunk, that’s balls.”
“Rawr, me Sasquatch, me not wrong. Coca-Cola make BIG AND STRONG!”
“Loony bun, between you and me, this place is a hole, I think we should leave.”