So, I'm Like, Really?

Samakaza: So, I’m like, really?

Angus: Shazam, Rad, Kissin’ and fightin’.

A midnight wind, a fiery street A mass of twisted chrome, our feet Our trench coats, gloves and furrowed brows The heat in our shaking hands, our frowns.

She stands over the cooling corpse All smoking gun and no remorse, Inscrutable face all milky white, Ruby lips all pursed up tight.

“Shazam!” she shouts, “We nailed his ass!” Seriously? No gravitas? “Bam!” she shouts, “Shinga linga ding!” I’m finding this rather embarrassing.

“He’s totes dead now!” She kicks his spine. A fiery slump punctuates the line. “Hot diggity dog! Let’s loot his cash!” I stare unconvinced at a pile of ash.