Words... With Friends Skills

She folds her warmth over mine. Brush of hair, her neck inclines. Ankles cross-uncross once more. Tapered wrists twist to the floor. A cold white glow winks in her hands. Elbows flex and fingers dance.

“Yesss,” she says, “Another S!” She’s playing Words With Friends, I guess. Oh, my sense of dignity! I really wish she’d get off me.

“Babe” she says, “What ends with X—” I vaguely hear, “What ends with sex?” Her voice continues distantly, “—and has three letters and an E?” “I don’t know.” Tex-Mex T-rex Flecks specks pecks checks. “How about vex?” She tenses for an second now, Intense activity, head bowed. A brighter shade of night, a sound. She slips and slithers, turns around, Her hips and knees lock down my chest. “Babe?” she says, “You are the best!” She starts to move. “Now your reward “For the fifty points that I just scored.”